Spotify account disabled? Why and how get it back

Did you recently log in to your Spotify account only to find out that it was disabled? This can be a frustrating experience, especially if you don’t know why it happened. In this blog post, We’ll discuss how to prevent your Spotify account from being disabled and what steps you should take to re-enable your Spotify account from suspension.

The Reasons behind Spotify Account Disabling

Why has Spotify suspended my account? A few common reasons for an account being disabled include using the wrong payment method, using a shared account, or not following the terms of service. You may also have been flagged for suspicious activity or mistakenly marked as a duplicate account.

1. Using Someone Else’s Credit Card

Using a credit card that isn’t in your name to pay for Spotify is considered fraud and can suspend your account. What makes this worse is when the email address linked with an unknown device or computer also gets banned – making new accounts impossible!

2. Inappropriate Usernames or Playlists

If you’re looking to spice up your Spotify experience, it might be time for an upbeat playlist. However! Keep in mind that if the lyrics or topic of a song includes words like “damn,” “bitch” and other cusses, then they will most likely get banned on there, too, so please try harder next time around when naming items under this category.

3. Harassing Other Users

It’s one thing to spam other users’ playlists with reports and make assumptions about their music, but it can cause major problems for the artist. Ensure you’re accurate when reporting tracks so that no harm is done!

4. Missing Too Many Payments

If you’re missing too many payments or the charges are declining, Spotify may ban your account and even block you from registering for a new one.

5. Having Fake Plays or Followers

You may have heard the phrase “fake plays and followers” before, but what do they actually mean? If you purchase silicone valley-based social media marketing services like fake follower kits or piano player robots to boost your Spotify profile with artificial popularity on new scales so it will show up higher when users search for popular artists. If that is the case, Spotify may ban your account.

6. The unpaid monthly subscription

If your account was disabled due to an unpaid monthly subscription, you could quickly get it back by logging in and paying your dues.

7. Pirated content or illegal downloads

The user’s IP address or email address was found on websites with third-party downloading services.


How does Spotify find out if you were downloading music from them

The main reason your account gets banned is that third-party tools are being used more and more often to download music for offline listening. Spotify has started suspending these users, which they call “improperly downloaded tracks.”

Spotify knows when you listen to its music because of how it is accessed. This means that, through quick ripping rates and other factors such as IP address identification with your provider’s network accesses (for example), they were able to determine what percentage of their users had been listening for a certain amount of time or distance from where he/she sits now – all without breaking any privacy laws!

The developers of this software have been caught red-handed using it to speed up the music-playing process so that they can create copies in shorter times. They can also get information on users who listen for 50 minutes compressed into five! This is an obvious flag that these users are streaming music to create improper copies.


Preventing Your Account From Becoming Disabled

To avoid having your Spotify account disabled, make sure you are always following the rules and regulations set forth by Spotify. If you’re paying for premium services with a credit card or PayPal account, ensure the payment information is up-to-date and accurate.

Also, be aware that sharing accounts is not allowed; each user needs their own individual subscription to access premium services.

Additionally, keep an eye out for suspicious activity on your accounts, such as multiple logins from different locations or devices. If this happens, contact customer service immediately to help solve the issue before the account gets disabled.

Finally, please do not attempt to create multiple accounts with the same email address; this will result in all of them being locked out until further notice.


How do I get my account back?

Spotify defines the copying, redistributing, reproducing, ripping, recording, transferring, or broadcasting of the Spotify service as forbidden and against the terms of service. If Spotify can prove its users have done any of these things, it can suspend access to their accounts. Spotify suspended your account? Don’t worry! We have a quick guide for getting back on track with Spotify and using its music service.

You can contact Spotify by email at cu*************@sp*****.com or by phone at 1-844-353-7897 Monday through Friday from 8 am to 8 pm EST (GMT -5).


How to re-active your suspended Spotify Account with three steps

Step 1: Go to the Spotify support team, click “Contact Us,” and then the “Start messaging” button. It will pop up a chat window so you can chat with Spotify robot support.

contact spotify service

Step 2: Now, send your request to Spotify robot support. Here is a sample, “I received a message that my Spotify account was disabled. Please get my account back.” follow the bot’s guide to logging in to your Spotify account.

locate spotify account

Step 3: You will get a message that asks if you comply with Spotify terms. Reply, “Yes.”

confirm spotify terms

That is, your suspended Spotify account should be fine and re-enabled.

Note: It might ask you to reset the password for your account.



Nobody wants their music streaming service interrupted due to an issue with their Spotify account! With a little bit of vigilance and forethought, however, it’s possible to avoid having your account get disabled in the first place – just make sure you are familiar with all of Spotify’s rules and regulations before signing up for an account (or subscribing).

Furthermore, if something goes wrong and your account gets deactivated due to a policy violation or some other reason beyond your control, don’t worry! Just reach out to customer service right away so they can help resolve any issues quickly and efficiently. That way, you can start enjoying music streaming again without any interruptions!

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