Cinch Audio Recorder

1 Click to Download MP3 from streaming music sites

Cinch Audio recorder is a handy streaming music recorder. It helps when you want to save music as MP3 from any streaming site, such as Spotify. It’s easy to use and produces high-quality MP3.

What is it for?

The cinch audio recorder is a software that allows users to record online songs and save them as MP3 files for offline listening. It also provides ID3 tracking that gives complete information for each recorded MP3 with the Artist and song cover, and title.

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How it works

The Cinch audio recorder records the sounds from your computer's sound card, which means you will get the same sound quality as the original music.

Supported sites

Cinch audio record supports all streaming music sites like Spotify, Amazon Music, and iTunes music.

Silent Recorder

You could mute the sound on your computer when recording music in a quiet environment. This software adapted the CAC Technology, which directly records the music from the raw audio data delivered from the sound cards.

Spotify AD Filter

Spotify for free accounts plays audio ADs between 2 songs. Therefore, when you are recording a Spotify playlist, you will also get these AD recorded. However, the built-in AD filter feature lets you eliminate these annoying ads with just one click.

remove ads
ringtone maker

Ringtone Maker

Want to create your own ringtone from download music? Sure, The ring maker feature will help make a ringtone from any part of the music.

ID3 information editor

The Cinch audio recorder captures ID3 info for each recorded mp3 file when recording music from online streaming sites. This ID3 info includes the song's title, artist, album, and cover. You can also edit the ID3 information with the built-in ID3 editor manually.

id3 editor