Cinch Audio Recorder

1 Click to Record MP3 from streaming music sites

Cinch Audio Recorder lets you record any streaming music as MP3 or lossless WAV files. Whether you listen to Spotify or other platforms, you can easily capture the songs with this simple and high-quality tool.

What is it for?

Cinch Steaming Audio Recorder allows users to record online songs and save them as MP3 files for offline listening. In addition, it provides ID3 tracking, which gives complete information about each MP3 recorded, including the artist and title of the song.


How it works

Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder isn't just a music recorder; it's a versatile tool for capturing any audio playing on your computer. It achieves this by directly tapping into your computer's sound card, ensuring you receive the exact audio quality as the original source.

Supported sites

Cinch Audio Recorder boasts comprehensive support for a vast range of streaming music services, allowing you to capture and preserve your favorite music for offline enjoyment. With Cinch, you can effortlessly record from popular platforms like: Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music

Silent Recorder

If you are recording music in a quiet environment, you can mute the sound on your computer. It uses CAC Technology, which records music directly from the raw audio data delivered by the sound cards.

Spotify AD Filter

For free accounts, Spotify plays audio ads between songs. As a result, these ads will also be recorded when you record a Spotify playlist. You can, however, eliminate these annoying ads with just one click by using the built-in AD filter.


Ringtone Maker

Do you ever find yourself wishing your ringtone reflected your unique style and preferences? With Cinch's Ring Maker feature, you can transform any downloaded music into a personalized ringtone that expresses your individuality.

ID3 information editor

When recording music from online streaming sites, the Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder captures ID3 information. The ID3 information includes the song's title, artist, album, and cover. With the built-in ID3 editor, you can also manually edit the ID3 information.

id3 editor

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