How to Convert Audible AAX to MP3 For Free (3 Ways)

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Audible AAX Files To MP3

Hello, audiobook enthusiasts! Ever felt stuck because you can only listen to your favorite books on certain devices or apps?

Today, we’re exploring AAX files – those tricky audiobook formats from Audible that often limit how and where you can listen. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back! I’m here to guide you on how to transform your AAX audiobooks into MP3s, setting them free from any limitations.

By the time you finish this guide, you’ll be an expert at managing your audiobook library, ensuring your books can be played on any device you choose.

So, let’s get started and unleash the true power of your audiobook collection!


What is the AAX file, and How to Play It?

AAX files are the type of audiobooks you get from Audible. They might look super handy because they’re made to work with popular devices through Audible’s apps. But, there’s a bit of a snag with AAX files. They come with some rules that lock them to certain devices and apps. If you lose your login details or ditch the app, you can’t get to your AAX audiobooks anymore.

These audiobooks, which aren’t cheap, end up being kind of trapped by AAX. They’re wrapped up in DRM (Digital Rights Management), meaning you’re stuck playing them only on specific devices and you can’t pass them along to your pals or family. That’s exactly why you might want to change AAX files into MP3s.


Why Do you Want to Convert AAX to mp3?

Why MP3s, you ask? Simple: they’re like the universal language of audio formats, compatible with pretty much any device you can think of. We’re talking about turning your audiobooks into something you can play anywhere, share with friends, and keep forever, no strings attached.


How to Convert AAX to MP3 For Free?

Method 1:  Libation

Libation is a software that allows you to convert your Audible audiobooks from AAX format to MP3 format, so you can enjoy them on any device or share them with others. Libation is easy to use, fast, and free. With Libation, you can:

  • Decrypt and convert AAX files downloaded from your Audible account
  • Choose the output quality and settings for the MP3 files
  • Split the audiobooks into chapters or segments
  • Edit the metadata and cover art of the MP3 files
  • Manage your audiobook library and backup your files
  • Play your audiobooks with the built-in player

Libation aax to mp3 converter screenshot

How to Convert AAX files with Libation

To convert AAX files with Libation, you need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Download and install Libation from its official website here.
  • Step 2: Launch Libation and sign in to your Audible account in the application.
  • Step 3: Download the audiobooks you want to convert.
  • Step 4: Drag and drop the AAX files into the interface of the converter.
  • Step 5: Choose the output quality and settings for the MP3 files.
  • Step 6: Click the “Convert” button and wait for the process to finish.
  • Step 7: Find the converted MP3 files in the output folder.

For more information, please refer to this guide here.


Method 2: Best for free: AAX Audio Converter (Windows only)

After testing several AAX to MP3 converters found online, including the top-ranked one on Google, ‘Audible AAX to MP3 Converter,’ I discovered they didn’t meet expectations. But my efforts weren’t in vain; I stumbled upon an exceptional converter. Just search ‘AAX to MP3’ on Google, and you’ll find this gem.

This converter is a standout. It’s not just free, it’s also open-source, meaning you can use it without spending a dime or facing any usage restrictions. Plus, it’s incredibly fast. Imagine converting a 14-minute Audible file to MP3 in just 5 seconds!

With this tool, you can easily convert Audible’s .aax files to the more universal .mp3 format. This means you can free your audiobooks from DRM constraints and enjoy them however you like.


Steps By Step Guide of Converting AAX to MP3

  1. Download AAX to MP3 Audio Converter here
  2. Install and open it
  3. Install the Audible Manager if you don’t have one.
  4. Sign in to your account (in the application). Now the converter is ready for converting aax to mp3.
  5. Upload aax files by dragging and dropping your .aax files into the interface
  6. Choose a model of output.
  7. Choose an output folder if the default one is not perfect.
  8. Click the “Convert” button to begin the AAX to mp3 conversion. You can tell if the conversion”n is finished by checking the processing bar.


That’s all. Your aax files should have been successfully converted to mp3.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast converting speed
  • Multiple output files per input file, divided by chapter
  • Support the output format .m4a/.m4b
  • Support the input of old .aa files


  • Only support Windows PCs.
  • Require the user’s account to process their Audible audiobooks. If you have your account somewhere else, this converter will show a pop-up window as below:

System Environment

  • Support Windows 7 and above.
  • Requires .Net Framework 4.7.1 to be installed.


Method 3: OpenAudible (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

The AAX to MP3 converter works wonders, but it’s designed only for Windows PCs. So, what if you’re a Mac user?

Well, there’s OpenAudible, compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Despite what its name suggests, OpenAudible isn’t open-source. Instead, it’s an affordable option, costing just USD 12 per license, to convert AAX to MP3. Given that the top AAX to MP3 converter is Windows-exclusive, OpenAudible could be the go-to choice for Mac users.

How to convert .aax to an MP3 file with OpenAudible

Before starting a conversion, you need to log in to your account (in the application) and download the audiobook on your computer.

Step 1. Download and install the OpenAudible.

Step 2. Launch the OpenAudible, and drag-and-drop .aax files into the interface.

Step 3. Right-click on the Audible book title and choose “Convert to mp3.”

The program will start to convert the files into mp3 format. Once “e the conversion” is completed, you will find the mp3 files in the output folder.


Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux

Low cost


Require the user’s Audible account to process their Audible audiobooks.



Problem: The AAX Audio Converter does not recognize the .aax files or shows an error message when trying to convert them.

Solution: Make sure you have downloaded the .aax files from your Audible account and that they are not corrupted. Also, check that you have entered the correct login credentials for your Audible account in the AAX Audio Converter settings.

Problem: The OpenAudible does not download the audiobooks or shows a blank screen when trying to convert them.

Solution: Make sure you have a stable internet connection and that you have logged in to your Audible account in the OpenAudible browser. Also, check that you have enough disk space to store the downloaded and converted files.

Problem: The converted MP3 files are not playable on some devices or have poor sound quality.

Solution: Make sure you have chosen the appropriate output settings for the MP3 files, such as bitrate, sample rate, and channels. You can adjust these settings in the AAX Audio Converter or OpenAudible preferences. Also, check that your devices support the MP3 format and have the necessary codecs installed.


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Q: What is an AAX file and why convert it to MP3?

A: An AAX file is Audible’s audiobook format, DRM-protected to limit playback to authorized devices. Converting to MP3, a universal and DRM-free format, allows playback on any device and sharing.

Q: How to convert AAX to MP3 for free?

A: Use the AAX Audio Converter, a free, open-source software for Windows. It decrypts and converts AAX files from your Audible account quickly and without restrictions.

Q: Steps to convert AAX to MP3 using AAX Audio Converter?

A: 1. Download/install AAX Audio Converter from its website.

  1. Log in to Audible, and download audiobooks.
  2. Drag and drop AAX files into the converter.
  3. Click “Convert”, and wait for completion.
  4. Find MP3s in the output folder.

Q: How to convert AAX to MP3 on Mac or Linux?

A: Use OpenAudible, a low-cost solution ($12/license) for Mac, Linux, and Windows.

  1. Download/install OpenAudible.
  2. Log into Audible, and download books.
  3. Right-click the book title, and choose “Convert to MP3”.
  4. Find MP3s in the output folder.

Q: Playing an AAX file without Audible?

A: Use AAX-compatible players like VLC, iTunes, Windows Media Player, and MediaMonkey. Activation with an Audible account is needed due to DRM.

Q: Is converting AAX to MP3 legal?

A: Converting AAX to MP3 may breach Audible’s terms (circumventing DRM). It’s usually not legally risky for personal use, but distribution or sale of MP3s can lead to consequences. Note: This is not an endorsement of illegal activities; respect authors’ and publishers’ rights.



And there you have it, folks! We’ve journeyed through the world of audiobooks, uncovering the mysteries of AAX files and their limitations. We’ve also explored the liberating possibilities of converting these files into a much more versatile MP3 format. Whether you’re a Windows, Mac, or Linux user, we’ve introduced tools that cater to your needs, from the free and efficient AAX Audio Converter for Windows to the universal and affordable OpenAudible for Mac and Linux users.

Remember, while these tools offer a practical solution to enjoy your audiobooks on any device, it’s important to use them responsibly. Converting AAX to MP3 for personal use is one thing, but distributing or selling the MP3 files can have legal implications. So, tread carefully and respect the rights of authors and publishers.

In a nutshell, this guide has armed you with the knowledge and tools to take control of your audiobook experience. No longer are you bound by device restrictions or DRM limitations. You’re now equipped to enjoy your favorite audiobooks whenever and wherever you like, on any device you choose. So, go ahead, convert those audiobooks, and embark on your next audio adventure with complete freedom!

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