How to Undownload Songs On Spotify Easily

how to undownload songs on spotify

Are you looking for a way to undo your downloads on Spotify easily? If so, then you have come to the right place.

This article will show you how to easily and quickly undownload songs from your Spotify library. We’ll also provide some helpful tips and tricks to make the process easier, so if you want to get back all those extra tunes that were accidentally downloaded or need a quick way of managing your music library.

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Why Do We Need to Undownload Songs on Spotify?

Spotify Premium users are allowed to download up to 10,000 songs for offline playing per device, with a maximum of 5 devices permitted. To download new songs on a device with 10,000 already stored, some of the existing music must be removed, or all songs from at least one of the current five devices must be erased if more devices are needed. Some people may find downloading offline songs unnecessary since they can access the Internet easily, and a large number of downloaded songs takes up a lot of storage space, so they may prefer to undownload their local Spotify songs.


Can You Undownload Songs on Spotify?

Yes, it is possible to undownload music from Spotify that has previously been saved offline. This gives users the flexibility to change their minds and save storage space by removing downloaded songs whenever they feel like it.


How to undownload Offline Music on Spotify

The good news is that undownload offline music from your device is quite simple. Here are the steps for both iPhone/Android users and PC users:

For iPhone/Android Users:

1. Open Spotify on your device.

2. Tap Your Library tab at the bottom of the page.

3. Select the album or playlist you’d like to delete.

4. Locate and press the download button (an arrow facing downward in a green circle)

It will disable the downloading of songs from a specific playlist or album. Not only will any new tunes be unavailable for download, but all currently downloaded tracks in your local Spotify Library will also be removed. However, these songs remain present and accessible on the online Spotify Library.


How to Undownload Spotify Songs on a PC?

If you’ve recently been downloading Spotify songs to your PC, check out this helpful guide on how to conveniently delete them.

Step 1: Launch the app on your desktop and sign in to access your Spotify account.

How to Undownload Songs On Spotify Easily

Step 2: Visit Your Library.

How to Undownload Songs On Spotify Easily

Step 3: To access the target playlist, simply look in the left panel.

Step 4: To download your playlist, simply click the green icon next to its title.

With just a few clicks, the app will effortlessly remove any songs downloaded in the designated playlist and prevent further downloading.


How to Undownload Liked Songs on Spotify?

Getting rid of previously liked songs? Don’t worry. It’s as easy to do this as removing music from Your Library. The only difference is the location and shape of the download icon on your screen – you’ll easily find it in no time! Just tap that button to delete offline songs from Spotify.


What About Podcasts?

Did you know that if you want to listen to specific podcast episodes, you can download them and then delete them once they’re done? It’s straightforward – select the option of downloading individual episodes instead of entire podcasts. In this way, you’ll never miss out on any fascinating pieces.


Why Does Spotify Undownload Songs automatically?

It is possible that Spotify may have automatically undownloaded your music for various reasons, such as to save storage space or because of changes in copyright law.

Exceed the 10,000 Songs Limit

If you have reached Spotify’s limit of 10,000 songs on a single device, then the platform may automatically delete some of your old songs in order to make room for new ones.

To work around this, you could try switching to another device that hasn’t yet hit its own limit. Alternatively, you can use a new device to save Spotify songs as long as you haven’t reached the 5 devices limit.

Offline Spotify for More than 30 Days

Spotify requires users to connect to its platform at least once every 30 days. This is in order for the streaming service to collect data from your listening habits that will be used to compensate artists and creators whose music is streamed. If you fail to connect within this time period, then any songs or albums you have downloaded for offline listening may be deleted automatically by the platform. As such, if you haven’t gone online in more than 30 days, it is necessary that you download your songs again in order to keep them and ensure that Spotify can continue tracking your usage in order to pay out royalties appropriately.

Your Spotify Premium is expired

If you have stopped subscribing to paid-for premium accounts on Spotify, then any tracks or albums which had previously been downloaded will be rendered unavailable. To retain access to your music library while offline, it is necessary that you keep up with payments on the streaming service.

Go abroad

Your physical location can also affect whether or not music can be played back offline on Spotify. Varying regional restrictions might mean that certain songs become inaccessible if your network region is changed via a virtual private network (VPN). To regain access, simply alter the settings of your VPN so as to once again match the original region where these tracks were available for streaming and downloading.

The Original Songs or Playlists Are Deleted

Occasionally, some songs become greyed out after they are downloaded due to a license expiring or because their creators no longer wish them to exist on Spotify. In these instances, there isn’t much that can be done other than submitting feedback directly to the streaming provider and requesting they contact the artist/publisher responsible for removing the track in question. Though this might work in some cases, it must be noted that nothing is guaranteed – the decision of whether a song remains on Spotify ultimately lies with its creator/owner.

Network Problem

Ensuring good bandwidth and a stable internet connection is essential when downloading tracks off Spotify as well as when checking up on existing downloads from one’s device library. If either of these two conditions isn’t met during either process, then errors can occur, which render certain tracks unavailable or unable to download properly in the first place – requiring a redownload at a later date when an adequate connection is available. Apart from making sure of a steady wireless signal whenever accessing stored music through digital libraries such as those found on music streaming services like Spotify, there is no other reliable solution – though attempting resetting all devices connected through a router may help improve reliability in some cases too.


How to Delete a Spotify Account?

No matter your reason for wanting to delete your Spotify account, it’s important to understand the difference between deleting a free account and a Premium one. Before uninstalling the app from your device, it’s essential to delete the account. If this step is skipped, only the app will be removed from your phone, yet the account will still exist – leading to potential problems if you have an active subscription.

Deleting a Free Account

In order to remove your free account from Spotify’s system, you’ll need to log into your online profile at their official website. Once you enter your credentials, you should proceed by following these steps:

1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the ‘About‘ link.

How to Undownload Songs On Spotify Easily

2. This page presents you with an option that reads ‘How can we help you?’. Here is where you should click on ‘Account’.

How to Undownload Songs On Spotify Easily

3. On this page, there will be an option that says, ‘I want to close my Spotify account permanently’, so click on it.

How to Undownload Songs On Spotify Easily

4. You’ll now be directed towards another page where there will be a button labeled ‘Close Account’. Click on this in order to continue deleting your profile.

5. A window will pop up asking for confirmation regarding closing your account – click ‘Confirm Close Account’ if this is what you wish for indeed.

How to Undownload Songs On Spotify Easily

6. Spotify will then inform you about all the information that will be lost once deleted – such as username, playlists, followers, etcetera – so if this doesn’t change your mind about deleting, proceed with clicking ‘Continue’.

7. The last step requires you once again to confirm closing your profile by checking the email sent by Spotify to verify that it was really you who wanted it closed in the first place and not anyone else misusing or accessing their account without permission.

How to Undownload Songs On Spotify Easily


Deleting a Premium Account

Logging into your Spotify account is the first step when it comes to deleting a Premium Account. Once you have done this, click on your name at the top of the page and head to the Account section.

  1. Scroll down until you locate the Subscription section, and then click through to Subscription and Payment Info.
  2. At this point, you’ll see the Cancel Your Subscription link at the bottom of the page.
  3. Clicking this will create a confirmation window where you’ll need to enter your password to finalize your subscription cancellation.
  4. Once you have canceled your subscription, it’s time to start the process of deleting your free account.
  5. You’ll need to go back to Account and select Delete Account from the options available. After entering your password for verification purposes, you will be presented with a few questions regarding why you wish to delete your account. Filling these out will ensure that Spotify is aware of any potential issues or problems influencing your decision.
  6. Once these steps are completed, select Delete my account and confirm one last time for everything to be finalized.

It’s important to keep in mind that deleted accounts are not recoverable after they have been removed, so make sure that all of your data has been backed up before proceeding with deletion. This includes playlists and song libraries, which can easily get lost if they aren’t saved elsewhere beforehand.

Furthermore, there also may be certain subscriptions associated with premium accounts that must be individually canceled prior to deletion for them not to affect future billing cycles or charges.


Master Spotify with Ease

Now that you understand how to undownload songs on Spotify, it’s time to erase the app, account info, playlists, and more. Once you have everything nailed down, peruse the fascinating features and opportunities available on Spotify! Remember to make use of them for your own benefit.

Have you ever erased downloaded playlists or albums? How did our instructions work out for you? Let us know in the comments below!