Tidal To MP3: How to Download and Burn Tidal Music to CD

Cinch Auido Recorder
Record streaming music from Spotify and more without Premium. Convert any music to 320kbps MP3 and lossless WAV format with ID3 tags. Playing your favorite songs offline on any device.
Best Tidal To MP3 Converters

You can listen to Tidal music offline by changing it to MP3. MP3 is a common and good sound format that you can play on any device.

This blog post will tell you how to do that. I will give you 5 options for Tidal to MP3 converters. They have different features and benefits. You can choose the one that suits you best.

Let’s get started and see how to enjoy your Tidal music offline!


Benefits of Converting Tidal to MP3

You can do more with your Tidal music by changing it to MP3. MP3 is a good sound format that you can use on many devices.

Here are some benefits of using a Tidal to MP3 converter:

  • You can listen to Tidal music offline, even when you don’t have internet. This is good for travelers or people with low internet.
  • You can play your music on different devices that don’t have Tidal, like MP3 players, car radios, or old devices.
  • You can keep your music forever, no matter what happens to your subscription or Tidal service.

A Tidal to MP3 converter makes your music better by giving you more choices and freedom.


Top 5 Tidal to MP3 Converters

Let’s explore how to convert your favorite Tidia music to MP3 with these Tidal to MP3 Converters.


No. 1 Cinch Audio Recorder

Looking for an efficient way to record Tidal music? Cinch Audio Recorder stands out as the perfect solution, offering a user-friendly experience and high-quality audio recordings.

It effortlessly converts Tidal songs into various formats like MP3 and WAV, making it the ideal choice for keeping your favorite tunes accessible offline.


How to Record Tidal Music as MP3 with Cinch

Step 1: Download and Install: First things first, grab the Cinch Audio Recorder. It’s friendly with both PC and Mac, so no worries there.

How to Rip Spotify Music to MP3: 15 Best Tools for 2023How to Rip Spotify Music to MP3: 15 Best Tools for 2023

Step 2:  Hit Record: Launch the app and hit the ‘Record’ button. It’s showtime!

cinch audio-recorder-user-guide

Step 3:  Play Your Tunes: Play those Tidal tracks that you want to keep offline.

Step 4:  Stop and Save: Done recording? Hit ‘Stop’. Then, right-click on a track and choose ‘Open Folder’ to find all your newly minted MP3s.

cinch music saving folder



  • Format Freedom: Converts Tidal tracks to MP3, and lossless WAV
  • User-Friendly: Simple interface that’s a breeze to navigate.
  • Versatility: Not just for Tidal; records from any streaming music sources.


  • Not free: For the full suite of features, you’ll need to purchase a license.



Cinch Audio Recorder lets Tidal users download music for offline listening. It’s not the best quality, but it’s easy and convenient. Cinch helps you grow your music library without paying for streaming every month.


NO.2 Leawo Music Recorder

The Leawo music recorder is a simple, easy-to-use application that allows you to record your favorite Tidal tracks as MP3 files.

It’s a great option for users who want to save money and access their favorite Tidal content offline. The software is also able to convert Tidal tracks into other formats (such as FLAC), which is a plus.

However, the Leawo music recorder does not offer the same level of quality as the Cinch audio recorder.

Leawo Spotify to mp3 Music Converter


Now download the Leawo music recorder. It is compatible with both the PC and the Mac.

Download Windows version Download MAC version

How to use Leawo music to record Tidal music as MP3

  1. Launch the software and click on the “Record” button.
  2. Play the Tidal tracks you want to save to your computer and make sure that the output format is MP3.
  3. Click on the “Stop” button when you’re finished recording, and then right-click on a recorded song and select “Open Folder.” You will see all recorded songs in MP3 format.



  • Versatile recording: Captures audio from online streaming services, your computer, and microphone input.
  • Clean output: Records high-quality MP3 and WAV files.
  • Automatic ID3 tags: Saves you time by adding song information like title, artist, and album.
  • Task scheduling: Set recordings to start and stop automatically.
  • File splitting: Automatically split long recordings into individual tracks.
  • User-friendly interface: Easy to navigate and use, even for beginners.
  • Multi-language support: Accommodates users from various regions.


  • Cost: Requires a paid license for full functionality. The free version has limitations like recording time and output format.
  • System requirements: Can be resource-intensive on older computers.
  • Limited editing features: Basic editing capabilities only, no advanced tools like noise reduction or audio effects.
  • Not a music library manager: Doesn’t organize or manage your existing music collection.
  • No cloud storage: Recorded files are stored locally only.


Leawo Music Recorder is a powerful and versatile tool for capturing audio from various sources. However, the paid license and lack of advanced editing features might deter some users. Consider your needs and budget before making a purchase.


NO.3 Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

If you’re looking for a convenient online audio recorder that can also help you edit your recordings, then Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder is the perfect tool for you. It supports MP3 and six other output formats, so you can export your Tidal songs in whatever format you prefer. Plus, it comes with some amazing editing features like support for retaining or customizing ID3 tags, including year, title, etc.



1. Free to use

2. Record tunes from any streaming music platform, eg. Tidal

3. Export audio files to MP3, WMA, or other noted audio formats with high-quality

4. Supported by a built-in ID3 tag editor for easy audio editing And now the


1. The sound quality might not be as good as the original one during the recording

2. Sometimes it can operate unstably due to poor internet connection

How Does Apowersoft Tidal MP3 Converter Online Work

Follow these three steps to record Tidal audio as MP3 files:

  1.  Go to the official website and press the “Start Recording” button in the center of the main page.
  2.  Now, open the Tidal web player and select “System Sound” as your audio source. You can also set your desired output format to MP3 under “Tools”> “Options”.
  3.  Browse through Tidal Music until you find your favorite song, then hit “Record” This will start recording whatever is playing into an MP3 file online.


NO.4 Aiseesoft Free Audio Recorder

Aiseesoft Free Audio Recorder is another great voice recording tool that can be used to record streaming audio on Windows or Mac computers. It records audio mainly from the system sound or microphone, so anyone can use it to record their favorite Tidal Music as MP3 files.


1. 100% free and safe to use

2. Quickly downloads Tidal songs as MP3s

3. Converts audio recordings to MP3, WMA, or other popular audio files without loss of quality

4. Manages all your audio recordings in a built-in library for easy access


1. Reduces original music quality slightly

2. Cannot adjust the output quality

3. Can’t edit/trim recorded sound file

You can use Aiseesoft Free Audio Recorder to download Tidal MP3s with ease. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Step 1. Go to the official website of Aiseesoft Free Audio Recorder and click on the “Start Recording” button. Note that you need to download the “Launcher” and install it on your computer first.
  2. Step 2. Select your audio source and play the Tidal Music you want to record as an MP3 file. Then click on the REC icon to start recording.
  3. Step 3. When you’re done, hit the Stop button to finish recordings. You can now listen to the recorded tidal song by previewing it in The software interface before saving the final MP3 file version to Your hard drive


No. 5: Audacity Audio Recorder

Audacity Audio Recorder isn’t made by a professional music downloader team, but by volunteer devs. It’s great for free, simple music converting, especially when you don’t have a ton of songs to convert. It won’t promise top-quality music or keep song info (metadata), but it’s free and can change Tidal songs to MP3s. It’s more of a basic recorder than a Tidal Music Converter, capturing any system sound.

It grabs music from Tidal’s app or web player by recording any sound your system makes. It records music from Tidal but doesn’t save song details like ID3 tags. You have to record each song yourself, deciding when to start and stop, which might mean incomplete tracks. After recording, you can pick MP3 as your output format, exporting Tidal files in up to 128kbps quality.

Works On:

Output Formats:

Sound Quality:
Bitrate up to 128kbps

Recording Speed:
Real-time (1x)


How to Use Audacity to Record music from Tidal

Step 1: Get Audacity for free from their website. Open both Audacity and the Tidal Music app on your computer and log into Tidal.

Step 2: Hit the “record” button in Audacity, and start playing a song on Tidal.

Step 3: To stop recording, click “stop”. Go to File > Export > Export Multiple to save your song to your computer, changing the format to “MP3” if you want.

Top 5 Tidal to MP3 Converters to Download Songs in 2023

– Records all types of audio from your system, headphones, or speakers.
– Free.

– Needs a good internet connection.
– Only records up to 128kbps quality.
– Records one track at a time, manually.
– Doesn’t save song info (ID3 tags).
– No technical support.


Top 5 Tidal to MP3 Converters Comparison

we’ll explore the top 5 Tidal to MP3 converters available in 2023 to help you liberate your Tidal music.

These smart software tools allow you to record tracks while streaming from Tidal and save them as DRM-free MP3 files. From the easy-to-use Cinch Audio Recorder to more advanced options, you’ll find the best Tidal converter to meet your needs.

Converter Best for Features Output formats Drawback Rating
Cinch Audio Recorder Simplicity and fidelity – Easy to use
– High-quality MP3
– Auto ID 3 tagging
MP3 (320kbps), WAV(Lossless) Basic interface ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Leawo Music Recorder Versatility and affordability – Converts to different formats
– Task scheduling and file splitting
MP3, FLAC, and others (less than 320kbps) – Requires a paid license for full functionality
– Can be resource-intensive on older computers
Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder Convenience and editing – Free to use
– Records from any platform
MP3, WMA, and others (vary) Possible lower sound quality
– Unstable with poor internet
Aiseesoft Free Audio Recorder Safety and no loss of quality – Free and safe to use
– No loss of quality
MP3, WMA, and others (high quality) – No output adjustment
– Can’t edit/trim recorded sound file
Audacity Audio Recorder Basic recording and multiple output formats – Free and open-source
– Supports multiple output formats
WAV, AIFF, MP3, AU, FLAC, OGG (up to 128kbps) – Manual track recording
– Doesn’t save song info
– No technical support



Tidal to MP3 on Android

Currently, there is no Tidal to MP3 Android app I found in the market. You can’t rip Tidal on your Andriod device directly. However, you could use the above Tidal to MP3 converters on your computer and then transfer MP3 files to your Android phone or tablet.


Online Tidal to MP3 converters

While there are many online Tidal to mp3 converters available, not all of them are created equal. Many of these converters simply download music from other music sources, rather than from Tidal itself. This can result in lower-quality MP3 files and can even lead to copyright violations. I don’t recommend using them to convert Tidal to MP3.


FAQs about Tidal to MP3 converters

What is a Tidal to MP3 Converter? A Tidal to MP3 Converter is a software tool that allows you to record and convert songs from the Tidal streaming service into MP3 format, making them playable on a wide range of devices and offline.

Why would I need to convert Tidal music to MP3? Converting Tidal music to MP3 is beneficial if you want to listen to your music offline, transfer it to devices that don’t support the Tidal app, or if you want a backup of your music that isn’t dependent on a streaming service subscription.

Is it legal to convert Tidal songs to MP3? The legality of converting Tidal songs to MP3 can depend on various factors, including your region’s copyright laws and the intended use of the converted files. It’s generally intended for personal use and not for distribution or commercial purposes.

Will converting Tidal songs to MP3s affect the sound quality? The sound quality after conversion can vary depending on the converter used. Some converters maintain high-quality audio, while others might slightly reduce the quality. It’s important to choose a converter that preserves the original sound quality as much as possible.

Are Tidal to MP3 converters free to use? There are both free and paid Tidal to MP3 converters available. Free converters may have limitations or ads, while paid versions often offer more features and better-quality conversions.

How do I choose the best Tidal to MP3 converter? Consider factors like ease of use, audio quality, supported formats, conversion speed, and additional features like tag editing or batch processing when choosing a converter.

Can I use Tidal to MP3 converters on my smartphone? Most Tidal to MP3 converters are designed for use on computers. However, there may be some mobile apps available, but their functionality might be limited compared to desktop versions.

Will I keep the ID3 tags and metadata after conversion? It depends on the converter. Some maintain the ID3 tags and metadata of the songs, while others might not. Check the features of the converter to ensure it supports tag preservation.



You can listen to Tidal music offline by changing it to MP3. These 5 converters can help you do that. They are all different and good in their own ways. Cinch Audio Recorder is simple and high quality. Audacity is versatile and powerful.

But remember, converting streaming music is not always legal or ethical. You should only do it for yourself and not share it with others.

We have learned a lot about these converters. They make our music life better and easier. We can always listen to the songs we love on any device we want.

The digital world is always changing and improving. Maybe there will be more amazing things for music lovers in the future. For now, enjoy your music and have fun with Tidal!

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