How To Download Music From Spotify Without A Premium Account?

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You may have noticed that Spotify’s premium users have access to offline music listening. Is that possible to download music from Spotify without a premium account?

The answer is, of course, YES. Spotify does not permit us to download music without a premium account. Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem. This tutorial will teach you how to download Spotify to mp3 step by step. It is achievable, and no advanced computer skills are required. After that, you can listen to Spotify music without a premium account.


The benefits you will get after reading this post:

  1. Save music from Spotify to MP3 or any other popular file format. The MP3 files are much more flexible. You could play it offline on your phone or MP3 player.
  2. Make a unique ringtone from a Spotify song.

Sounds good? Let’s begin


How to download music from Spotify without a premium account?

Spotify offers a Free and $9.99 per month Premium plan. You can enjoy all Spotify music online for a free account. However, if you’d like to upgrade your Spotify account, one of the benefits of a premium account is allows users to enjoy music offline. This great feature is handy when the internet connection is unavailable or you want to save the data from your mobile data plan. Check the more detailed comparison of Spotify free and Spotify Premium. Many Spotify users with a free account wonder if they could also enjoy Spotify offline. This guide will show you how to download music from Spotify without a premium account.

As you may be aware, no matter how hard you try, it is not possible to directly download music from the Spotify server. We must go another way if you want to listen to Spotify without paying for a subscription. A handy music recorder tool is recommended for recording music from Spotify. It lets you download an mp3 file from Spotify with a single click.

Let me show you how to use it in detail:

Please download the software (Cinch audio recorder) as below:

Download cinch audio windows   Download MAC version

Step 1: Install the software and launch it. Now press the yellow “Record” button in the upper-left corner.

Step 2: Start playing the music you want to download on Spotify. The recorder will record music automatically once it detects sound playing from your computer. The default output is the MP3 format. You could also save Spotify to WAV format if you want to save music as a raw audio file (lossless sound quality).

Step 3: After the recording is finished, right-click on a recorded song in the library and then select the “Open folder” you will see all recorded songs in MP3 format.

That’s it. You have downloaded music from Spotify with only three steps without a premium account. Now you can transfer recorded Spotify mp3 files to your iPod or other MP3 players for listening offline. The quality of the MP3 will be the same as the original music.

P.S. The free trial version allows you to record up to 5 Spotify songs.


How to make a unique ringtone from a recorded song?

Now you have the MP3 from Spotify, and all recorded songs are on the list. You could make a ringtone from one of the recorded songs.

To make a ringtone, let’s start to crop a song for making a ringtone. Just click the “bell icon” at the right of the music. You will see an interface for audio editing below.

Choose your favorite section of a song as a ringtone. You could set a starting point and ending point. You could preview the ringtone by clicking the “play” button. If everything is ok, click the “Save” button to save it on your computer in the .mp3 format.

Keep in mind that if you try to make a ringtone for your iPhone, ensure that the ringtone’s length is no longer than 40 seconds. Otherwise, iTunes will refuse to copy the ringtone to your phone.

Access this ringtone file by clicking on the “Folder” icon on the bottom right. Then browse to the “Ringtone” folder, copy your music, paste it into your local device, and set the theme as your ringtone.


Leawo Music Recorder

With Leawo Spotify Music Recorder, you can access hundreds of thousands of songs, albums, playlists, and charts from the streaming service. It’s easy to use – press the record button while playing your favorite tunes, and in an instant, you will have a high-quality digital file that is ready for you to store and list hassle-free, powerful, and efficient – Leawo Spotify Music Recorder is the perfect solution for extracting your favorite songs from the streaming service. Get ready to enjoy endless hours of music anytime you want! Download it today and start exploring all that Spotify has to offer!



How to record Spotify music with Leawo music recorder


Step 1: Click the recording button at the top left.

Step 2: Open the Spotify player and play the music you want to record

Making music on Spotify has never been so simple – one click is all it takes!


Other Spotify downloading services

If you search with the keyword “Spotify downloader” on Google, you will find some sites that provide Spotify URLs for mp3 service. It is straightforward to use. Just copy and paste the URL of a Spotify song or playlist into the search bar and click the convert button. The site will download music from Spotify without a premium account. However, those services parse the URL’s song t, search it on third-party music-sharing (p2p) sources, and then download them. It means that all songs you downloaded with those services are not from Spotify. You may get the wrong version of the song you want or low-quality music.


No. 2 Allavsoft – Spotify URL To MP3 Downloader

Allavsoft is an essential tool for Spotify users looking to upgrade their music listening experience. With its straightforward, user-friendly interface, it’s a breeze to rip songs from Spotify and convert them into AAC format, ensuring users can maintain the highest level of audio quality with no compromise. Plus, the fast download and conversion process means users can enjoy their favorite tracks in no time – perfect for listening at home or on the go!

Finally, Allavsoft is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, making it easy and convenient for anyone. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user,

The best part about Allavsoft is


More info about Spotify to MP3 Converter Mac here.

How to download Spotify music with the Allavsoft downloader?

You can now have your favorite playlists on MP3 with 320kbps sound quality and ID3 tags containing title, artist, and album information in just two steps!

Step 1: Copy and paste a Spotify song URL to the search bar (see the below screenshot).

Step 2: Click the blue round download button to download music from the Spotify link.

Spotify account login

To download Spotify music to mp3, you must fill in your Spotify account to parse the URL. You could register a new account for this purpose.

All you have to do is sit back and relax – Allavsoft will automatically take care of the rest! It’ll grab all your beloved songs from Spotify and store them securely for future use on your computer.


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In conclusion, downloading Music From Spotify Without A Premium Account has never been easier. With Leawo Music Recorder, users can easily access hundreds of thousands of songs with just a click of the record button. Allavsoft also offers an easy-to-use platform with fast downloads and conversions that help keep audio quality at its highest level.

Lastly, Cinch Audio Recorder is the perfect choice for those who want to extend their streaming experience beyond Spotify’s library by recording any sound they hear on their computer systems in MP3 format without lossy compression or data loss. Whether you’re looking to download playlists or capture live recordings, Cinch Audio Recorder provides a dependable solution that won’t let you down!