15+ Best Spotify Ripper 2023 To Rip Spotify Playlist on PC MAC Android iOS

With over 188 million paid subscribers, Spotify dominates as the top music streaming service globally. But its encrypted OGG Vorbis format prevents enjoying your favorite tunes everywhere. Don’t let proprietary restrictions limit your listening freedom.

Spotify Premium grants you ad-free, high-quality audio, yet its songs won’t play on many devices. Even paid users can’t freely transport their music libraries. While the encryption protects artist rights, it also shackles your playback options.

Thankfully, Spotify ripping tools liberate your audio collection. By converting from OGG Vorbis to MP3, you can unlock universal playback. High-quality Spotify MP3s mean no more frustration when your coveted playlists won’t cooperate.

Why be bound to a closed ecosystem? Spotify’s iron grip on your music library ends today. Discover how Spotify ripping tools like X let you take control. Ditch device limitations and claim your listening independence. The world of audio freedom awaits thanks to MP3 unlocking magic.


What does “Spotify Ripper” mean?

We all love Spotify for its extensive music library, but it requires an internet connection. So, what if you want to enjoy your favorite tunes offline? This is where a ‘Spotify Ripper‘ comes in. This tool allows you to ‘rip’ or save music from Spotify to your device, giving you the freedom to listen to it anytime, anywhere, even without the internet. The saved music files can be in various formats like MP3 or FLAC. Now, let’s explore how to use this tool to rip songs from Spotify.


How We choose the best Spotify ripper

As you explore how to rip music from Spotify, you may be wondering how a Spotify music ripper actually works. Essentially, a ripper is a tool or application that lets you download songs, playlists, or albums from Spotify and save them as audio files on your computer or mobile device. This is done by capturing the audio data that’s streamed from Spotify and saving it in a format like MP3 or FLAC.

When evaluating Spotify rippers, we consider several factors. Functionality is important, meaning how well the ripper can download music from Spotify on various devices and internet connections. A user-friendly interface is also crucial, as well as compatibility with different operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

We’ve researched and tested some of the most popular Spotify rippers that work on various devices and don’t require a Premium subscription.

By reading this post, you can learn more about the effectiveness of different Spotify music rippers and choose the one that meets your needs.


How to Rip Spotify Playlist to MP3 on Windows, Mac and Linux?

We have gathered a list of powerful rippers that allow you to rip songs from Spotify. These rippers are compatible with operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Also, most of them don’t require a Premium subscription to work.

Let’s explore some of the best Spotify rippers:

Method 1: Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder

Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder is a perfect Spotify ripping tool for Windows and Mac. It can record any sound and save it in MP3 and WAV formats. The tool also allows you to adjust the audio quality of the output. This software streamlines the process of downloading music from Spotify and various other online sources. It has an intuitive interface that allows for easy access.

Every song you record gets saved with details like song name, artist, and album title, enabling you to track the recordings. The free version only allows you to record 5 songs, but the full version can be purchased if you plan on using this software for a long time.

Download Spotify to MP3 Converter MAC version

How to use Cinch Audio recorder to rip Spotify music

To download Spotify music to your computer, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Launch the Cinch Audio Recorder software and ensure the default output format is set to MP3.

Step 2: Click on the yellow “Record” button located in the top-left corner of the software to start recording Spotify music automatically.

Step 3: Playing your favorite Spotify playlist.

Once the recording is finished, right-click on a recorded song and select the “Open folder” option to see all recorded songs in MP3 format. You can also change the output folder and MP3 bitrate from the “Settings” menu.

By following these three easy steps, you can quickly and easily download Spotify music to MP3 on your computer. Once downloaded, you can transfer the MP3 files to your compatible MP3 player to enjoy your favorite Spotify tracks offline.


Method 2: Leawo Music Recorder

Leawo Spotify to mp3 Music Converter

This recorder can record high-quality songs, podcasts, and playlists on Spotify without losing the original music quality. It has additional features like scheduling the start and end time of recording and even editing the recordings. The audio files can be saved in MP3 or other output formats. A free trial is available, and the paid version costs $19.95.

Download Windows version Download MAC version

Here’s how to use the Leawo music recorder to record Spotify music:

Step 1: Click the recording button in the top left corner of the Leawo music recorder.

Step 2: Open the Spotify player and start playing the music you want to record.

It’s that simple! With just one click, you can start recording music from Spotify.


– Can download mp3 from all streaming music sites
– Convert Spotify music to mp3 and m4a formats
– One-click transfer of recorded music from Spotify to iTunes
– Can also record sound from your microphone
– Schedule recording time
– No paid account is needed


– Not free
– Need to install a virtual sound card on your computer
– Must play music at maximum volume when recording
– Low accuracy of getting ID3 tags


Method 3: Allavsoft – Spotify Music Downloader

Are you a Spotify user looking to rip your favorite songs to MP3? Allavsoft is an excellent option for you!

So, what exactly is Allavsoft? It’s a program that makes downloading songs and videos a breeze. With over 1000 supported websites, including popular music platforms like Spotify, Deezer, and Soundcloud, you can get all the content you want in no time. Plus, with Allavsoft’s high-speed downloads, you can save up to a hundred songs in just 10 minutes! So why wait? Start enjoying your music offline today with Allavsoft.

Download Windows version Download MAC version

More info about Spotify to MP3 Converter Mac here.

How to download Spotify music with the Allavsoft downloader?

Downloading your favorite Spotify playlists to MP3 can be done in just two easy steps using Allavsoft.

Step 1: Simply copy and paste the URL of the Spotify song into the search bar provided in the software.


Step 2: After that, click the download button, and Allavsoft will begin the process of converting and downloading the Spotify music to MP3 with ID3 tags that include the song’s title, artist, and album.


In order to use Allavsoft, you will need to log in to your Spotify account to parse the URL. If you don’t already have an account, you can register a new one for this purpose. Once you complete the login process, Allavsoft will download all the songs from your desired Spotify playlist and save them directly to your computer.




Method 4: AllToMP3

alltomp3 alternative

This app works well on Mac, Windows, and Linux and allows you to rip music from Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, and SoundCloud. It’s a straightforward process – just copy and paste the song/album/playlist and click the Enter key on your keyboard. This open-source app is free for Spotify users, but you can only export the files in MP3.


Method 4: NoteBurner Spotify Music Converter

This software lets you convert any podcast, radio, or song on Spotify into any format, including MP3, AAC, WAC, AIFF, and FLAC, without losing audio quality. The conversion process is simple – select the song and output format and click ‘Convert’. The free version has limited features, but a license can be purchased for $14.95.

Best Spotify Ripper for Linux


This well-known recording software can also work as a music extractor. You can rip MP3 songs from Spotify on Mac, Windows, Linux, and other operating systems. Audacity lets you save audio from many sources for free. It’s flexible software that can even edit MP3 tracks and save them on your computer in various formats like AAC.

How To Use Audacity To Record A Spotify Playlist

You can use Audacity to record your favorite tunes with these simple steps:

1. Open Audacity and click on the ‘Edit’ button in the top left corner. Select ‘Preferences’ and then ‘Audio Host Box’ and choose ‘Windows WASAPI.’
2. Next, choose ‘Transport’ and then ‘Transport Options’ and turn off ‘Software Playthrough.’ Alternatively, you can access ‘Audacity Preferences’ and click on the ‘Recording’ tab to turn off ‘Software Playthrough.’
3. Click on the red ‘Record’ button in Audacity. Play the Spotify music you want to record and it will automatically record the song from Spotify. Once the recording is complete, click the ‘Stop’ button to save the Spotify recording to your computer.

That’s it! With these easy steps, you can start recording your favorite music from Spotify using Audacity.


SpotDL and Deezloader Remix

Best 15 Spotify Ripper 2023 To Rip Spotify Playlist on PC MAC Android iOS

SpotDL and Deezloader Remix are popular Spotify ripping tools for Linux users. SpotDL is a command-line tool that allows you to download Spotify playlist songs from YouTube in MP3 or FLAC formats. It also supports batch downloading, saving you time if you need to download multiple tracks. However, SpotDL uses YouTube as its source for Spotify downloads, which may raise legal concerns.

Deezloader Remix, on the other hand, is a graphical user interface application that lets you download songs and playlists from Spotify and Deezer in various formats, including MP3 and FLAC. It also supports batch downloading, but you need a Premium account to access the downloading feature. Deezloader Remix doesn’t require you to have separate Deezer and Spotify applications since it can download music from both websites using a single app.

Best 15 Spotify Ripper 2023 To Rip Spotify Playlist on PC MAC Android iOS

To use Deezloader Remix, you’ll need to obtain an access token from your Deezer account by following some steps in Google Chrome or Firefox. After obtaining the token, you can paste it into Deezloader Remix and log in to your account.

In conclusion, both SpotDL and Deezloader Remix are excellent options for Linux users who want to rip music from various platforms. However, be mindful of legal concerns and use these tools responsibly.


Best Spotify Ripper for Chrome

Best 15 Spotify Ripper 2023 To Rip Spotify Playlist on PC MAC Android iOS

Spotify Downloader is an online tool that lets you download any song, album, or playlist from Spotify quickly and easily. To use this tool, you need to enter the URL of the song, album, or playlist you want to download on the spotifydown.com website’s search bar. Spotify Downloader will then save the songs to your computer device as MP3s.

To use Spotify Downloader, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open a web browser on your computer device and enter “https://spotifydown.com/” in the address bar.

Step 2. Spotifydown.com may review the security of your connection before proceeding. Verify that you are human to continue.

Step 3. Once you’re on the Spotifydown.com website, copy the link to a song, playlist, or album on Spotify.

Step 4. Click on the ‘Paste’ button next to the text field.

Step 5. Click the ‘Download’ button.

Spotify Downloader provides free services to its users and allows you to rip music from Spotify to MP3 online. However, the output audio quality of this tool is poor, and it’s not always stable and may contain bugs. Overall, it’s suitable for users who want to use a free Spotify ripper or need to rip Spotify to MP3 without worrying about the music source.


Soundloaders Spotify Downloader

Soundloaders Spotify Downloader is a convenient online tool that helps you download music from Spotify without needing to install any additional software on your computer. This is the easiest method of downloading music from Spotify. If you’re interested in using this Spotify downloader online, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Open your Spotify app and navigate to your music library to find the track you want to download.

Step 2. Copy the URL of the track and paste it into the box on Soundloaders Spotify Downloader website. Click on the ‘Search’ button.

Step 3. Click on the ‘Download’ option located below the box, and your download will start shortly.

Soundloaders Spotify Downloader supports downloading Spotify music to MP3 online, and you won’t need to install any extra applications on your computer. However, sometimes, this tool may fail to rip music from Spotify. Overall, it’s a suitable option for users who don’t want to install additional software.


Best Spotify Ripper for iPhone/iPod/iPad

Shortcuts is pre-installed software on Apple mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch. Unlike other Spotify rippers, it offers a convenient way to download up to five Spotify tracks at once using its built-in Spotify album downloader. This allows you to save Spotify songs to iCloud on your iPhone.

To use the Spotify album downloader in Shortcuts, follow these steps:

Best 15 Spotify Ripper 2023 To Rip Spotify Playlist on PC MAC Android iOS

Step 1. Open Spotify on your iPhone and select an album or playlist you want to download.

Step 2. Copy the shareable link of the album or playlist and open Shortcuts.

Step 3. Search for Spotify album downloader and paste the copied link into the pop-up window.

Step 4. Select five music tracks you want to download, tap on ‘Done’ and then ‘OK’ to save Spotify songs.

While Shortcuts’ Spotify album downloader is free to use, the output audio quality may be poor, and it’s not possible to save Spotify songs locally. Additionally, this tool only supports downloading up to five tracks each time. It’s suitable for users who want a free Spotify ripper or need to rip Spotify for only one time.


Best Spotify Ripper for Android

SpotiFlyer is a tool that helps users download songs from various platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, Gaana, Jio-Saavn, and SoundCloud. This tool is available on Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux and supports downloading playlists, albums, and tracks. With SpotiFlyer, you can download Spotify songs without subscribing to Premium.

Spotify Ripper - Easily Rip Music from Spotify as MP3 (320 Kbps)

To download music from Spotify using SpotiFlyer, follow these steps:

Step 1. Find the Spotify songs you want to download and copy the music link.

Step 2. Open SpotiFlyer and paste the copied link into the search bar.

Step 3. Tap on the ‘Download’ button to download and save Spotify songs to your Android device.

SpotiFlyer is a free tool that allows you to save Spotify music to MP3. However, the output audio quality may be poor, and it’s not possible to save Spotify songs locally. Additionally, this tool only supports downloading up to five tracks each time. It’s suitable for users who want a free Spotify ripper or need to rip Spotify for only one time.


Top 5 Spotify Ripper Tools Comparison

Name Platforms Pros Cons
Cinch Audio Recorder Windows, Mac
  • Intuitive interface
  • High quality recordings
  • Saves song details
  • Free version limits tracks
Leawo Music Recorder Windows, Mac
  • Schedule recordings
  • Edit recordings
  • No premium required
  • Not free
  • Complex setup
Allavsoft Windows, Mac
  • Fast downloads
  • High quality MP3
  • Only MP3 format
  • Need Spotify login
Audacity Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Free and open source
  • Record/edit audio
  • Steep learning curve
  • More steps involved
SpotDL (Linux) Linux
  • Command line tool
  • Batch downloading
  • Uses YouTube as source
  • Legal concerns



With 15 options for ripping Spotify tracks, free tools may tempt you – but don’t settle for lackluster quality. Audacity and other freebies can frustrate with convoluted interfaces and unstable performance. Buggy software ruins the listening experience.

Paid tools like Cinch Streaming Music Recorder deliver pristine audio with reliable recording. Enjoy seamless Spotify ripping without hiccups or headaches. Cinch perfectly balances simplicity and power, making it the top choice for demanding music aficionados.

Don’t risk poor audio and endless headaches – upgrade to a premium Spotify ripper. Cinch gives you polished MP3s to enjoy anywhere without restrictions or quality loss. Ditch the shackles of streaming restrictions – download Cinch today and own your music library. The freedom to play your tracks anywhere awaits, thanks to the power of Cinch.