[Best] Ondesoft Spotify Converter Alternative

Ondesoft Spotify Converter does not always work as it promised. What is the best Ondesoft Spotify converter alternative to get all Spotify music you want on your computer or phone?

Check it out:

Ondesoft Spotify Converter is a Spotify downloading software program that works on both Windows and Mac computer. It works just like other Spotify online download tools do:

Get a list of Spotify songs’ name after you paste the URL of a playlist/album, and then find them on YouTube or other music resources and download the songs from there. The benefit of the way for download music from “Spotify” is simple and quick get mp3 music as the same as the Spotify playlist you want to have. However, you might get the wrong version of a song or simply a Spotify song can’t find out somewhere.

If the music quality is import to you and you paid Spotify to access lossless sound quality. You do want to get such high-quality music on your computer but Ondersoft Spotify converter can’t achieve it.

As an alternative to Ondersoft, Cinch audio recorder is the best solution to all drawback of Ondersoft Spotify converter. The Cinch has the ability to record audio tracks at a bit rate of 320kbps for MP3 or lossless WAV. Another great feature of Cinch Audio Recorder is that comes with an automatic ID3 tagger. the accuracy you will be able to experience is extremely high. With Cinch, you will get a high quality and tagged music from Spotify.

Additional features

As an additional feature, there is a built-in audio editor, you could cut a song out for a ringtone on your phone. Also, you can edit ID3 tags with manually if you are not satisfying what it got you automatically.


How Does Cinch work?

It’s easy to get music from Spotify with following steps as below:

Important: You have to shut other applications on our computer while you recording Spotify music otherwise sounds from other programs can also get captured mixed into the recording music.


Step 1: Install Cinch Audio Recorder Software and running it by double-clicking the icon on your desktop

Step 2: Click on the “Start” button (yellow and circle on the top left). Now, it’s ready for recording any music you will play on your computer.

Step 3: Play Spotify music or any streaming music, the Cinch will detect the sound and record it. You can close the Cinch anytime when you want to stop recording.


That’s it. Now you should be getting Spotify music with high-quality MP3 files that exactly the same as Spotify. If you want to find out more about how to use Cinch, please check it at the user manual.